Thursday, February 2, 2012

Langkawi Island

Langkawi Island.
Dec 2012.

View from the plane.

I was fascinated that Langkawi is still quite well preserved.

Aseana, the hotel we stayed in.

Streets filled with island bazaar, with bikinis, seafood, etc.

Lunch overlooking the sea.

Went island hopping to Wet Rice Island, Eagle Island and Pregnant Maidens Lake.

In the boat, before my hair went off like screaming banshee.

Pregnant Maidens Lake.
Myth: Anyone who wants to get pregnant should come and bath here.
Long story.


Found a sea cucumber sun tanning under the sun.
Wet Rice Island.

Us posing.


Penguins at Underwater World.

You've got to be kidding me.
The penguins here are OBESE.

Oriental Village.
White horse.
A little bimbotic looking, no?

Night view from the Skybridge.
Seriously, the bridge was vibrating so badly when this picture was taken.
And it's freeeeeeeezing up there!

The bridge during day time. We were there around 6pm so the sky grew darker after that.

I've got to say, the cable car ride.. do NOT, go for it.
Totally not a pleasing experience at all.
Hanging thousands of feet from the ground along the cliff of mountain rocks, with wind
blowing heavily and cable car swinging back and forth,
I was praying the whole way down and kissed the floor once I landed safely.
Thank God.


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