Thursday, February 2, 2012

Kuala Lumpur

With Miss Yap!

In our hotel room at Park Royale.

Tools used!

Tada! Now we are ready!

Jasmine carrying a snake.


Jogoya with my girlies!
I can't even finish sampling all the food.
There are too many varieties!


At Delectable sampling their cupcakes. LOL

With Elaine at Pavilion.

With Kristine at Dome.

Leo and his buddy bear.

Here's Pat and Sonia.

Finished off our 4 nights in KL with Hoegaarden and Budweiser.
YUM. Totally YUM.
I won't even go into what I bought.
I feel guilty tryna even think about it!

Overall its a good trip.

Genting 2012


Chocolates and candies everywhere!

Freezing our asses off.

Hot pot!

Freeze performance by Ukraine Olympic ice skaters.

VIP tics!

Us girls!

Wet clouds covering us.

This has got to be the funniest thing ever!
Claudia spraying Holy Water all over our room.
Thats it. Short post! I'm sorry but we have been in Genting so many times that
it doesn't really excites me anymore!
I'm just glad I get to spend quality time with the girls and my family.

Langkawi Island

Langkawi Island.
Dec 2012.

View from the plane.

I was fascinated that Langkawi is still quite well preserved.

Aseana, the hotel we stayed in.

Streets filled with island bazaar, with bikinis, seafood, etc.

Lunch overlooking the sea.

Went island hopping to Wet Rice Island, Eagle Island and Pregnant Maidens Lake.

In the boat, before my hair went off like screaming banshee.

Pregnant Maidens Lake.
Myth: Anyone who wants to get pregnant should come and bath here.
Long story.


Found a sea cucumber sun tanning under the sun.
Wet Rice Island.

Us posing.


Penguins at Underwater World.

You've got to be kidding me.
The penguins here are OBESE.

Oriental Village.
White horse.
A little bimbotic looking, no?

Night view from the Skybridge.
Seriously, the bridge was vibrating so badly when this picture was taken.
And it's freeeeeeeezing up there!

The bridge during day time. We were there around 6pm so the sky grew darker after that.

I've got to say, the cable car ride.. do NOT, go for it.
Totally not a pleasing experience at all.
Hanging thousands of feet from the ground along the cliff of mountain rocks, with wind
blowing heavily and cable car swinging back and forth,
I was praying the whole way down and kissed the floor once I landed safely.
Thank God.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Brunei and Seria

Before I start,
here's a picture of us!
Congrats Judith Ong and Victor Sim!

Trip to Brunei.
At Empire hotel.

Dinner at award winning Kaizen Sushi bar.

So its finally Judith's wedding, and we had tons to prepare.
The night before we girls were busy planning the gatecrashing courses.
One of it includes this smelly, stinky concoction which includes
wine, mayo, ketchup, wasabi, lime, chilli, tartar sauce, soy sauce, fish sauce, sesame oil, ribena, etc.

Then here comes the kissing game, what we do is basically collect kisses from everyone,
and the groom needs to pick his bride's kiss or else he needs to kiss the person whom he chose the kiss from.

Collecting kisses from Ryan,


and uncle Ramsay!
speaking of which, this is the man himself, the famous artist,
Ramsay Ong.
This Chinese New Year I was honoured to be given a painting from him
which costs RM4k, and a necklace made out of amber from the Baltic Sea.

Collecting kisses from aunties, uncles, etc

As predicted, I was chosen to lead the other bridesmaids in the gatecrashing game.
The reason being - I am more experienced in 'squeezing' angpows.


Michelle Ho's daugher. Baby Estelle.

Chaotic morning!

Us bridesmaids.

Empire hotel lobby.
Apparently this is the best hotel in Brunei.
This place is seriously big.
We need a car just by driving to another block of villas.

Our bathroom.

With Ron, Xiew Fei and Ryan

Night reception.
The newly wed's dancing.

Thats about it,
apart from laughing and eating non stop the whole 4 days in Brunei at Ong's residence.
This family seriously runs a 24 hour restaurant catering for 25 guests in a single house!
I mean, cooking at 2am in the morning??
You gotta be serious.
The house is chaotic up till 3am in the morning, and starts again as early as 5am.

Till next time, Brunei!